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Dear Potential Clients- Thank you for checking us out! 

We hold very late hours within the culinary industry which doesn't allow potential clients the opportunity to reach us via phone very easily. I ask that you connect with us through our direct email or the form below for inquiries.

2711 North Sepulveda Boulevard
Manhattan Beach, CA, 90266
United States


FIT KITCHN | REDEFINING FITNESS FOOD. Radically delicious social and lifestyle meal delivery. 



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Inspired by FRESH.


Its back breaking, heart straining work. It is months of preparation for weeks of season. It is an eagerly checking the weather report, praying for rain, no not too much rain, God please don't hail on me, hoping and praying kinda thing. But thats farming.  Giving life to something, born in the earth, love and raised by our hands. 



Eating your water is the secret behind flushing out toxins, and hydrating the cells. 



WE LOVE FAT! In fact, naturally healthy fats are a FIT KITCHN power ingredient. These are key to keeping you energized, lean and amazing.


Essential nutrients are those we need that our body cannot make. We strive to eat foods high in these essential nutrients to give our body the fuel it needs to function at its best.